One-Way Kegs

Hauser Packaging is a proud partner of Petainer Keg.

Safe, Sustainable and Cost-Efficient

The Petainer Keg range allows you to swiftly get into the draft market with products such as: Beer, Wine, Cold brew coffee, Cider, Mead and Kombucha while achieving considerable savings on logistics and reducing your carbon footprint.

Designed to fill on manual, semi-automatic and automatic filling equipment, the Petainer keg brings additional flexibility to your business with no or low additional investments, helps you manage seasonal peaks, and access low rotation or new export markets.

Petainer kegs help you achieve up to 40% savings on logistics, versus traditional steel kegs.

Product Protection

The Petainer Keg is fitted with a spear tube and is filled and dispensed the same way as a steel keg. The spear also reduces product foaming and ensures optimal dispense.

The combination of active and passive barriers minimize O2 ingress and CO2 loss
and CO2 loss and provide UV and Light protection.
The puncture-resistant keg wall takes product protection one step further and ensures safe transportation and dispense.
Safety and Handling

The Petainer Keg is lightweight (only 10% the weight of a steel keg), making it easy to handle and transport. This means less fuel to deliver the same quantity of quality of product, which equals less CO2 emissions and more product per pallet.


Available Fitting Types (A, G, S, D)
Pressure Relief Tool (PRT)- supplied with every keg.
Pre-Purged with N2 -Sanitized and ready to fill.
UV and Light optimal protection.
Easy to Lift & Stack -Patented grip design *Hybrid
Reusable & Stackable Chimes made of 100% recycled PP *Hybrid

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