Choosing a DIAM cork guarantees all the advantages of cork without the concern of taint. DIAM corks are the only corks with a TCA-free guarantee! DIAM has closures for still wine, sparkling wine, beer and spirits. Please visit our corks page or DIAM’s website for more information.
Dr. Bauer
Dr. Bauer’s high quality growlers, unique shaped bottles, interesting flip tops and large format bottles will make your wine, beer or spirit stand apart from the competition. Please visit our Bottle Catalog for more information.
G3 Enterprises
G3 Enterprises was founded by the third generation of the Gallo family with the vision of expanding services and increasing productivity to better serve the wine and spirits industry. Hauser Packaging offers customizable capsules and screw caps from G3.
H.P. Neun
As one of New York’s oldest packaging companies, H.P. Neun has an outstanding reputation and has been working with Hauser Packaging since Tom founded the company.
SGP Packaging (a division of Verallia)
Saint-Gobain, SGP’s parent company, celebrates its 350th anniversary this year. Backed by centuries of glassmaking expertise, SGP Packaging continually manufactures high quality glass at its state of the art plant. SGP Packaging also produces the ECOVA brand, which is an environmentally friendly range of bottles.
O-I Europe
As the world’s leading glass container manufacturer, O-I has more than a century of experience crafting pure, sustainable, brand-building glass packaging for many of the world’s best-known food and beverage brands.
In today’s crowded marketplace, an exciting and distinctive package can set your product apart from the rest. Maximizing the capabilities of state-of-the-art application equipment, Stanpac can decorate virtually any glass container.
Saver Glass
This manufacturer specializes in luxury bottle-making and is a leader in the global market for premium and super premium bottles. Saver’s range of products meets the markets growing need for exceptional quality glass.
Hauser Packaging offers customizable, high quality wire hoods through Sparflex. These wire hoods give you the opportunity to promote your company every time a consumer pops a cork!
Vitro is a leading glass manufacturer in North America. They offer many glass container options.