Our Beginning

After twenty-five years with a leading glass manufacturer, Tom Hauser founded Hauser Packaging in 1996. His business philosophy was simple: provide high quality bottles with high quality customer service. Tom saw an opportunity to supply East Coast wineries, distilleries and craft breweries with excellent quality European glass at competitive prices. Tom started with an in-home office, but quickly expanded to a larger sales force and support team in the greater Boston area, before moving to the current Portland, Maine location. Hauser Packaging is now the largest imported bottle distributor on the East Coast and many of our customers from those first few years are still with us today.

Our Warehouse

Our warehouse is located in the heart of the Finger Lakes in upstate New York. Hauser Packaging repacks, creates custom packaging and stocks a large array of bottles. With two repacking lines and our box manufacturer on site, we can conveniently meet all your packaging needs. We ship as little as one pallet to multiple truckloads to our customers.

Our Products

Hauser Packaging can meet all of your packaging needs. From bottles to closures to customized packaging, your product will stand out. In 2000, Hauser Packaging proudly began its partnership with DIAM technical corks, the only corks with a TCA-free guarantee. We also offer screw caps, capsules and wire hoods. Please visit our Other Products & Services page and our Bottle Catalog for more information about what we offer.

Our Maine Office

In 2012, Tom’s son, TJ, joined the team. TJ had always envisioned working with his father, but on Tom’s advice he struck out on his own after graduating from Colby College. TJ joined a company in a sales position that allowed him to travel throughout the US. As TJ succeeded within the firm, he was given the opportunity to relocate to London to oversee part of the European operations. Though TJ and his young family loved London, TJ knew that his next destination would be Hauser Packaging. Wanting to raise his growing family in Maine, Hauser Packaging relocated to its current location in the heart of Portland.

Our Future

Tom says he sees “nothing but a bright future for Hauser Packaging” with TJ on board because he brings “experience, education and a great work ethic” to the company. TJ is now traveling the East Coast, just like Tom when he started the company almost 20 years ago. Please contact us if you would like a member of our team to stop in to meet with you!

Our Environment

Glass is the packaging material for the eco-conscious consumer. Glass is 100% continuously recyclable. A used bottle can be remanufactured into a new bottle without any loss of material. Hauser Packaging offers ECOVA bottles that aim to reduce the overall impact on the environment. Please visit the eco-friendly section of our Bottle Catalog for more information.

Why Choose Us

We are a family-owned company whose number one priority is you, our customers. Our team is always available to help every step of the way. Here are some of the ways you will benefit from your relationship with Hauser Packaging:

  • We import from high quality manufacturers in Europe.
  • All of our product lines can be customized.
    • We do custom molds!
    • We work with multiple decorators from different regions, which allow us to customize your product AND limit your transport costs!
    • We have two repacking lines at our warehouse to repack from bulk into plain cases or your own custom packaging!
  • Our warehouse is conveniently located in the Finger Lakes region of New York.
    • We ship containers direct from the manufacturer or via our warehouse.
    • We provide warehouse space to our customers.
    • We ship anywhere from one pallet at a time to full truckloads.
    • Our box manufacturer is located at the warehouse and can provide simple one to two color printing as well as high-quality corrugated printing.
    • Our boxes are custom made to fit each bottle and come in 6, 12, and 24 packs – or any size you need.
  • We supply DIAM still and sparkling corks – the only corks with a TCA-free guarantee!
  • We source our bottles from a large pool of manufacturers – if we don’t have what you’re looking for, let us know and we will work to get it!

Sometimes it is easier to get things done face-to-face. We have a sales team that can meet with you at your winery, brewery or distillery. You’ll get a chance to see a wide selection of samples while getting the opportunity to handle the products and experience what your consumers do when they get your product in our packaging!