Hauser Packaging is a proud partner of DIAM, one of the worldwide leading cork manufacturers. DIAM has combined the romance of a natural cork with patented cutting edge DIAMANT technology to create the highest quality cork on the market. DIAMANT technology is a process developed to extract TCA and the other 150+ molecules that can alter the flavor/aroma of wine. Once the cork passes through this process, you are left with a completely neutral cork. The cork granules are then reformed with a binder and microspheres. DIAM corks also have optimum bottling line insertion performance and unsurpassed elastic recovery. The elasticity is guaranteed to 2, 3, 5, 10 and 30 years. DIAM offers three guarantees that have helped winemakers sleep at night for many years:

  1. TCA Free → No Cork Taint!
  2. Controlled Permeability
  3. Consistency from Batch to Batch

What does all this high tech jargon mean? For the consumer, it means never facing the prospect of sending back tainted wine at a restaurant. For the winemaker, it means that their hard work during the wine making process is guaranteed to be protected for years to come.

Through our partnership with G3, we provide a range of DIAM corks for still wine, sparkling wine, beer and spirits. DIAM corks are available unprinted with a 1K minimum and a one-week lead time. Printed corks also have a 1K minimum but with a three-week lead time. For more information, please see the reference sheets to the right and the videos below. Please Contact Us for pricing and additional information!

For more information, please visit DIAM’s website or view this FAQ sheet.